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Kathy Auslam, Red and White

Marlene Claiborne, Buttons and Bows

Jenny Gedeon, Chicken Wall Hanging

Sue Hoffman, Lotus Blossoms

Camilla Jensen, Hibiscus Flower

Camilla Jensen, Mom's Card Table Cloth

Pati Malinowski, 1880's Squares

Donna Quartier, Civil War Diary Stars

Linda Rhyne,Taos

Connie Richardson, The Right Tree

Suzanne Welch, Triple Four Patch

Extra Small Quilts

Gig Arney, Primitive Pinwheels

Pati Malinowski, French Country

Donna Quartier, Folded Log Cabin

Bev Rognlien, I Love Suzy

Gig Arney, Forgotten Pinwheels

Hand Made Quilts

Kaye Allen, Vintage Memories

Betty Armour, Sweet Birds & a Girl

Penny Beingessner, Grandmother's Flower Garden

Amy Goltz, Sunflowers and Friends

Betty Kisbey, Redwork

Eldora McElroy, Baltimore Basket

Diane Pfluger, Hope

Arlene Regello, Dolly Dimples

Arlene Regello,Redwork Delight

Linda Rhyne, Oak Hill Manor

Connie Richerson, Fabulous 50's Fashions

Meredith Rogers, Birds & Bees

Lynette Schroedle, Little Lulu

Lynette Schroedle, America, America, God Shed His Grace on Thee

Cindy Siepert, Just Ducky

Jackie Smith, Grandma's Basket of Posies

Ruth Wolf, Flower of the Month

Ruth Wolf, My Grandma's Flower Garden

Vina Woodland, Through the Year

Custom Design

Betty Armour, Dogs

Nancy Calhoun, Silk & Tulle

Alethia McMaster, Flip Flopping at the Beach

Alelthia McMaster, Burlesque

Michele Peerson, Yellow Circles

Diane Pfluger, Angel in a Stained Glass Sky

Lynette Schroedle, Tea Party Today

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